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About Ontario Wine Agents

They Sell Wine ... Sort Of

Derthona Wines & Spirits is a registered Ontario Wine Agency licenced by the Ontario Achohol and Gaming Commission. Ontario wine agents do not directly sell wine.

Instead, the LCBO imports wines from suppliers exclusively represented by wine agents who act as intermediaries between the LCBO and its customers.

When you place an order with us, we inform the LCBO and it is processed by the LCBO in your name. You become an LCBO customer with your own identification number if it is the first time you are purchasing from LCBO Specialty Services. Derthona Wines pays for the wine on your behalf.

The price you pay for the wine includes the LCBO product cost, plus the cost of storage, laboratory fees, stocking fees and our service to you.

We sell by the case only, but we can provide a mix and match service. We can also arrange for you to purchase a sample.